The 5 best AI marketing tools for marketing needs

The 5 best AI marketing tools for marketing needs

The development of AI software has permanently altered the mysterious practice of marketing. It can be difficult to determine which of these tools will offer the best value because there have been hundreds of them emerge in recent years.

Let’s start by defining what artificial intelligence is particularly beneficial for and what it can accomplish for your business to help you focus on the goals you have for your best AI marketing tools.

Why is AI used in marketing?

Data is king in marketing in 2022. Data about your rivals, market trends, and what your customers (and future consumers) are saying about your product are all crucial. There is a lot of information available, but manually sourcing it is challenging. This process is greatly simplified by AI. It accomplishes swiftly and on a large scale what would be laborious to do by hand.

Positive and negative product reviews can be combined using methods like sentiment analysis. You may stay informed about what competing brands are doing with the use of competitor intelligence. With better targeting, you can increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns. Even AI-driven solutions for creative copywriting exist, assisting you in keeping up with the internet’s constant demand for content (SEO optimization).

You’ll probably employ several best AI marketing tools. In fact, to produce stunning outcomes at scale, the majority of data manipulation technologies now make use of automation and machine learning. The greatest AI-driven apps and platforms will be included below, along with an explanation of what each one does, its advantages, and any potential drawbacks.

The 5 best AI marketing tools

1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO for content writing
Surfer SEO for content writing

A worthwhile objective for any content strategy, Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool that aids in the creation of material for ranking on search engines. While you are writing, Surfer analyzes and grades your material based on its keyword density, readability, length, header usage, and other factors that help content rise in the search engine results.

Prior to using Surfer SEO, select your domain, niche, and target market. The algorithm will then provide you with actionable insights by emphasizing the top-ranking keywords, offering an idea for the organization of your piece’s content, and even defining the image density. Surfer SEO features a built-in text editor that you may use directly, or you can copy and paste for quick examination. You can actually watch the SEO improve as you make changes to your writing.

Other best AI marketing tools like Jasper, WordPress, Google Docs, and others all have integration options. FedEx, Shopify, Quantas, and Viacom are a few of the satisfied customers of Surfer SEO, which guarantees to meet your organic growth metrics for Google search.

2. Hemingway App

Hemingway App for content editing
Hemingway App for content editing

AI can at least assist in editing your material for optimal readability and clarity, even if you just wish to hire human authors to compose it. Hemingway, who was named after a writer known for his restraint with language, emphasizes elements of “bad” style like lengthy sentences, passive voice, and excessive adverb usage.

Hemingway also assigns a readability rating based on US academic standing. Grade 9 or lower is thought to be excellent for reaching the widest audience. Simply copy and paste your content into the online program, then hit return to utilize it.

Most importantly, it’s free! Ben and Adam Long produced the app as a tribute to their favorite author. The free version is still quite helpful even though there is a $20 version with PDF exports, offline usability, and rapid publish features.

For some purposes, however, such as annual reports, white papers, opinion pieces, and other sorts of writing where personal style holds more weight than simple readability, a perfectly optimized Hemingway article may feel too straightforward.

3. Albert.AI

Albert.AI for digital advertising
Albert.AI for digital advertising

At least until the advent of AI, marketing was intrinsically hit-and-miss. Through Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, Bing, and other social media and paid search platforms, Albert personalizes and optimizes ad content at scale. Om Shani, the founder of Albert, believes that integrating AI and automation would free up human creatives to create campaigns that connect with people on a personal level. Albert refers to their process as “data-powered creativity.” serves as a testing and campaign-tweaking lab for identifying untapped channel opportunities, overlooked demographics, or untapped markets. It helps make advertising campaigns less wasteful and more relevant.

Crabtree & Evelyn, Telenor, and Harley Davidson are a few of Albert’s sponsors. The latter had a massive 2,930 percent monthly lead gain and a five-fold rise in website traffic.

4. Userbot.AI

Userbot.AI for conversation management-best AI marketing tools
Userbot.AI for conversation management

Userbot may initially appear to be just another chatbot, but it is much more intelligent than that. Userbot passes control of a customer’s question to a human operator if it is unable to comprehend it, but it continues to listen in on and learn from the rest of the conversation. The new user query is then added to Userbot’s repertoire after it has improved using what it has learned.

Userbot should consequently improve in usability and effectiveness with time, though you might still need to rely on human operators quite a bit when you first introduce it. When I asked it, “Who are your top clients?” it was unable to answer in a way that was useful. For the record, they are SSG, Vivactis Group, and Aboca.

The system offers helpful customer data that you can use to assess how well your sales team or customer care department is performing (it also integrates with many popular CRM platforms).

5. Influencity

Influencity for influencer marketing-best AI marketing tools
Influencity for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become very popular in recent years and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. For brands, especially those geared toward niche or younger groups, social media influencers are major business, whether it be through hauls, product reviews, sponsorship, or traditional advertising.

The “most complete influencer marketing platform” on the market, according to Influencity, is employed by such titans as WPP, Kellogg’s, and Samsung. Brands can use it to evaluate influencers, get in touch with them, work with them on campaigns, and then monitor their success.

The majority of social networking sites are all included. This is a wonderful agency solution because it has a ton of stats and the capacity to work at scale across several brands.


We are clearly only at the beginning of an AI technology revolution given the various advantages that AI algorithms may offer, like scalability, reach, efficiency, cost savings, decision-making, analytic power, better customer experience, and more. More fascinating technologies are available to marketers than ever before, enabling even the smallest startup to compete for global success alongside the most well-known companies.

Be open-minded, give the above best AI marketing tools a try, and they can end up being your best friend for subsequent marketing campaigns. Many of the applications mentioned above have freemium versions accessible.

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