Italy bans air conditioning below 25 degrees Celsius in public places from now until next year, can be fined thousands of dollars if violated

This is to avoid the energy crisis that Italy is facing.


Recently, the Guardian newspaper reported that schools and public buildings in Italy will not be allowed to turn on the air conditioner below 25 degrees Celsius to avoid an energy crisis due to the Russia-Ukraine issue.


This new regulation was introduced on April 20, after Italy reached an agreement to increase gas supplies from Angola. It will take effect from May 1 and last until the end of March 2023.


In winter, heating in public buildings in Italy must not be turned on to temperatures higher than 19 degrees Celsius during the period when air conditioning temperature limits are in place. Some inspectors from the Italian Ministry of Labor say they can conduct surveillance and fines from 540 to 3,200 USD for violations. The above regulation does not apply to hospitals but is likely to apply to people’s private homes.



The initiative is a “positive” sign, which could help Italy save 2-4 billion cubic meters of gas per year, said Renato Brunetta, Italy’s Minister of Public Administration. An estimated 57% of a public office building’s energy costs come from temperature control.


Politician Angela Masi said: “Public administration agencies are setting a good example, reducing waste and raising people’s awareness about rationalizing consumption. This is a simple way to contribute and help reduce less dependent on gas.


Earlier, a number of senior Italian officials had traveled to Central Africa to look for alternative gas suppliers to Russia, from which Italy imports 45% of its natural gas.


Many experts warn that saying no to Russian energy could cause significant damage to European countries.


Source: Guardian

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