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Italy bans air conditioning below 25 degrees Celsius in public places from now until next year, can be fined thousands of dollars if violated

This is to avoid the energy crisis that Italy is facing. Recently, the Guardian newspaper reported …

Not manufacturing but relying on remittances and imports, a South Asian country about to become the 'second Sri Lanka'?

The spike in fuel and food prices due to the conflict in Ukraine has exacerbated the economic prob…

The case of Elon Musk buying Twitter: 6 possible scenarios

Will Elon Musk continue to buy Twitter shares, sell them all or build his own social network when …

The minister urged people to shower less to detox from Russian oil and gas addiction, but this country is "abandoning" a huge source of energy: Why?

Political, legal and logistical obstacles are hindering the filling of the energy gap caused by the…

[ĐÃ SCAM] Twinance: Dự án cho vay P2P, lợi nhuận lên tới 15% 1 ngày(Gồm gốc và lãi)

Twinance – Chương trình đầu tư với lợi nhuận “khủng” lên tới 15% mỗi ngày làm việc, chu kì đầu tư…

Hướng dẫn chung khi tham gia đầu tư tại dự án Anola

Hướng dẫn đăng kí tài khoản Bước 1 : Truy cập tới website https://anola.io/ Nhấn  CREATE ACCOUNT …

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Traffic Cash

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